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Thee Sacred Souls, 'Easier Said Than Done'

There is something special about soul music in the summertime, and Thee Sacred Souls transports us to a timeless scene of amorous yearning with "Easier Said Than Done," a song about how hard it can be to reconcile a desire for love with all the static of our day-to-day.

Lead vocalist Josh Lane's sweet falsetto sets the tone, while the wistful underlying theme becomes clear from his opening lines: "She said be honest with how you feel / I said that's easier said than done / I said don't worry about the future / She said that's easier said than done / Well it is." Holding it all down, the band's rhythm section locks in a mid-tempo groove that will have fans of groups like War and Durand Jones & the Indications nodding along, as the female backing vocalists' "woo-ooh-ooh" breezes through. "Easier Said Than Done" is from the SoCal septet's self-titled debut, out Aug. 26 on Daptone / Penrose Records.

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