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October Music @ The Little Cafe

Oct 3, 2017

The Little Cafe

October at The Little Cafe: (follow link for more information)

Wednesday October 4 (7-9pm)  Margaret Explosion

Thursday October 5 (7-9pm) Big Blue House

Friday October 6 (8-10pm) Auld Lang Syne

Saturday October 7  (8-10pm) Connie Deming

Monday October 9 (7-9pm) Watkins and the Rapiers

Tuesday October 10 (7-9pm) Lakeshore @ The Little: Jerry Falzone, Cammy Enaharo, Maria Sebastian,                                                                    Chris Wilson

Wednesday October 11 (7-9pm) Margaret Explosion

Thursday October 12 (7-9pm) Big Blue House

Friday October 13 (8-10pm) Red, Fred, and Weems

Saturday October 14 (8-10pm) Hanna and the Blue Hearts Duo

Sunday October 15 (7-9pm George Diaz Muniz

Monday October 16 (7-9pm) Watkins and the Rapiers Tuesday October 17 (7-9pm) 3x88: Jeff Schmitt, Connie Deming, Paul Nunes Wednesday October 18 (7-9pm) Margaret Explosion Thursday October 19 (7-9pm) Big Blue House Friday October 20 (8-10pm) Joe Beard Saturday October 21 (8-10pm) Connie Demming Monday October 23 (7-9pm) Watkins and the Rapiers Tuesday October 24 (7-9pm) Spring Chickens (Steve Piper, Scott Regan, Connie Deming) Wednesday October 25 (7-9pm) Margaret Explosion Thursday October 26 (7-9pm) Big Blue House Friday October 27 (8-10pm) The Jane Mutiny Saturday October 28 (8-10pm) The Lonely Ones Monday October 30 (7-9pm) Watkins and the Rapiers