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Romance Without Finance

Feb 8, 2014

That's the title of a tune Charlie Parker recorded 70 years ago, along with the guy who wrote it, guitarist and singer Lloyd "Tiny" Grimes. The rhyming lines are shoehorned in a bit, describing the title situation as "a nuisance," one that "just don't make sense." Not exactly Hallmark card material with Valentine's Day approaching, but something to consider as we head through a week of fundraising on WRUR. Scotts Regan and Wallace, Liz Michael and Tracey Craig, Rick Simpson and the Hermit, Doug Curry and Mike Murray, yours truly...we all love music, just like you do. And we all have a place on the radio to enjoy it together thanks to financial support from individual listeners. Unlike Tiny, we'll love you either way, but don't you want to be part of that? Chip in this week, instead of just tuning in. And thanks.

Charlie Parker
Credit www.arthub.ie