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Julyssa Lopez


"Who's ready to dance and cry at midnight?"

When Carla Reyna was starting out in Monterrey's rough-and-tumble world of underground hip-hop, she stuck out far more than she fit in. Barely 5'6", she was a diminutive, light-skinned and queer teenager plunging into a bawdy and heavily masculine scene. Still, she often had more bluster than emcees twice her size — so much, in fact, that after she performed the first song she ever wrote, a girl approached her, practically entranced. "Why did you only do one song?" she asked. Reyna explained it was the only one she had, and the girl instructed her: "Make more!"

Rarely does bifurcation sound so intertwined. El Origen, a collaborative EP released last month, is like looking at the Andes from two different angles at the exact same time. Rodrigo Gallardo and Nicola Cruz's visions exist on alternate, yet intrinsically connected, planes.