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"Black Radio: Telling Like It Was" 25th Anniversary Sundays at 10AM

Mar 24, 2021

Black Radio: Telling It Like It Was

Black Radio: Telling It Like It Was is the story of radio’s role in the 20th century transformation of the African American community. First aired in 1996, the specials have been reformatted into six hours for 2021. Original host Lou Rawls guides us, with new narration from original producer Jacquie Gales Webb.

 Through interviews, historical airchecks, comedy, drama, and music, the series reveals the remarkable correlation between milestones of Black radio programming and African American culture. Among other topics the series explores the role of radio during the great migration of Blacks from the South, trail-blazing Black DJs and stations, and Black radio during the Civil Rights movement.  The program airs each week through  April 11 on WRUR, Different Radio, Sundays at 10AM. This week: Women -- both on and off the air -- have had substantial roles in the development and power of Black radio, including African American station ownership.